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HostEngines are rackmountable computers that stand alone or connect to Cubix Xpanders to create powerful GPU-accelerated systems capable of running up to 8 GPUs at a time. Typically, HostEngine 4U is a workstation, while HostEngine 4U RP is a server. All are American-made and built to last. HostEngine workstations are best used for color grading or rendering, while HostEngine servers support high-density GPU applications, high-speed PCIe expansion flexibility, virtualization projects, and tough HPC® challenges. They come configured, loaded with the OS and drivers, and tested before shipping. If stability and performance are essential, this is the computer you need.

For even more power, connect a HostEngine to Xpander Rackmount 8. Add NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 or V100 for HPC work, or Tesla M60 for virtual desktop projects. Each HostEngine can support 4 x Tesla M60s, because each Tesla M60 provides 2 x GPUs for a total of 8 x GPUs. Connect 2 x HostEngines to Xpander Rackmount 8 4U with 8 x Tesla GPUs. You can also use AMD® Firepro™  or RadeonPro S9100/9150/9170 for applications that run OpenCL / OpenGL.





A 4U computer that mounts horizontally within a rack mount cabinet, this computer can be ordered pre-configured with GPUs installed. It is commonly used as a workstation, and can connect to Cubix Xpanders for maximum GPU acceleration. HostEngine 4U offers premium performance for today’s computing with the flexibility to handle future upgrades. HostEngine 4U Manual


  • Intel® Xeon™ E5-2600v4 Series dual processors
  • Intel® C612 chipset
  • 32Gb of memory included (supports up to 1Tb)
  • 1TB SATA 3 SSD included (supports up to 2 Tb SATA 3 SSDs)
  • Four PCIe 3 Gen 3.0 x16 expansion slots for low-profile cards (such as the Cubix HIC that connects to Xpander)


​Take on the hardest projects with Cubix’s highest performing workstation. Using Intel’s Scalable Xeon dual processor configurations, Host Engine RP24 can support up to 2TB of system memory, up to 24 hot-plug SATA or SAS drives (including 2.5” SSDs), with N+1 fault tolerant, redundant power supply array. Whether you’re configuring a high-end DaVinci Resolve hardware solution, high-performance AI / Deep Learning solution, or even just a bullet-proof reliable file or database server, Host Engine RP24 provides the best combination of performance and reliability in the industry. HostEngine 5URP24 Manual


  • Intel® Scalable Xeon dual processors
  • Intel C621 chipset
  • 1TB of memory included (supports up to 2TB)
  • 512GB M.2 SSD included (supports up to 24x hot-pluggable 3.5” SATA 3 or SAS HDDs, including 2.5 SSDs”)
  • Four PCIe 3 Gen 3.0 x16 expansion slots for low-profile cards (such as the Cubix HIC that connects to Xpander) plus two PCIe Gen 3.0 x8 expansion slots, 1x M.2 and 1x U.2 I/O slots
  • 24x 3.5” hot-plug drive trays (compatible with 2.5” SSDs with adapter)
  • One single-phase, auto-ranging, 100-240VAC, 45-24Amps, 50/60Hz with 3+1 x1280W redundant modules; total output power is 3840W


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