Cubix Xpanders Help Power Cutting Edge Autonomous Driven Public Buses, a news outlet for Bay Area News Group, recently published an article on their website describing a never before seen project that aims to revolutionize the public transit system by introducing autonomous driving into their public transportation.

“The pilot program will be among the first in the country to introduce driverless technology into a metropolitan transit system, and will include a suite of sensors and other hardware and software to collect data.”

Dr. Richard Kelly of the University of Nevada Reno College of Science and Engineering leads a group that uses Xpander Desktop Elite PCIe slot expansion units and GTX 1080s purchased from Cubix to accelerate Google’s machine-learning application, TensorFlow, for the project. With hope, the accelerated TensorFlow application will be able to make this dream a reality. 

To read the full article, visit (article).

To see the unit that was used in this project, Click Here

*Photo Used: “Courtesy Proterra” Pictured is one of the all-electric buses manufactured by Proterra, of Burlingame. Photo to accompany SJM-SVCHAT-0829 by Louis Hansen.

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