Cubix Resolve 12 System Chosen for Film Preservation Project at Eastman Museum.

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We were approached by Kyle Alvut of Film Preservation Services at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. Kyle has worked in the film industry for 35+ years and has been with The George Eastman Museum for 3 years. Kyle told Cubix that George Eastman Museum has over 28,000 movies, some of them one hundred years old. Kyle’s role at the Museum is to restore the old movies, which involves scanning film to .dpx files to 3K resolution. The restoration involves tinting and toning, color grading, sizing, image stabilization and dirt removal. The off-the-shelf computer system they were using took an inordinate amount of time to do the cleanup and restoration of each movie. Kyle needed a powerhouse solution to get through the contents of a movie. After researching to find the best, most cost-effective product to do the job, Kyle called Cubix and ordered the Resolve 12 Win4U RM8 5U System.


When asked if he was happy with the Cubix System, Kyle said “The Cubix Resolve system will handle anything we have to do with the 28,000 old movies! I had high expectations for the system we planned on purchasing, and the Cubix System meets all those expectations. The movies that we restored through the new system are at a high quality for digital projection resolution and the images are fantastic.  When we originally set up the Cubix System, we chose to make some changes, and the Cubix technical support we received was outstanding.  The support team gave us everything we needed and stayed with us until we completed our changes.  We added to (Blackmagic’s Resolve) easyDCP to to create digital content to show at a theater and the Cubix System handled the add-on software just fine.  We are confident that we made the right choice when we chose to get the Cubix System that allows for additional GPUs and future expansion. The system is very easy to work with and incredibly fast.  We are confident the Cubix System will take us into the future by completing all our restoration projects and any other editing or rendering projects we decide we may want to do.”





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