Debuting Our Innovative Intel® Phi™ Coprocessor Solution

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November 11th, Carson City, NV – Cubix Corporation, the pioneer in blade server and I/O expansion technology, is bringing a 22TFLOP solution to the Ernst N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans November 17-20 for its debut at SC14. Using its industry leading I/O slot expansion platform, Xpander Rackmount Gen3, Cubix Corporation is demonstrating 30 Intel® Phi™ co-processors in an HPC configuration. The Cubix Xpander-based HPC solution represents opportunities for achieving the highest FLOP / watt available, the most efficient use of 19″ rack space per FLOP, as well as the most modular solution available on the market today.

As if this wasn’t enough information to grab a CIO or CTO’s attention – just keep reading – all 30 Intel® Phi™ Coprocessors are being run off of one Intel® Xeon® processor-based Cubix Host Engine server.

Eric Fiegehen, Director of Visualization and HPC Solutions at Cubix Corporation, says the key to driving all 30 Intel® Phi™ Coprocessors is Cubix’s ultra-reliable PCIe slot expansion platform, Xpander. “Using four Xpander Rackmount 8 Gen3 systems, we attach all eight host interface cards (two per Rackmount 8) to the Intel® motherboard’s 16-channel slots. Each Xpander Rackmount 8 is capable of transferring data from all eight slots at up to PCIe Gen3 16-channel bus speed, which is industry-defined as 128Gbps.”

“Cubix succeeded at delivering an Intel® Phi™ Coprocessors-based solution which nobody else has ever thought to attempt!”

“An important point to keep in mind”, Fiegehen added, “is that you can upgrade to Intel’s Knights Landing coprocessors when available, and do so without the need to upgrade Cubix hardware components.”

According to Fiegehen, perhaps the most important feature of Cubix’s SC14 demo system will be the cost / FLOP – Cubix intends to sell the SC14 demo solution at a very competitive price, TBD as of press time, which also includes the 30 Intel® Phi™ 31S1P Coprocessors.

“Fewer host servers required per TFLOP means a reduction in both the number of hardware systems required, and fewer software licenses needed to operate the solution. You can scale performance up by clustering multiple 30- Phi™ Coprocessor systems together and achieve incredible price/performance gains.”

“Just clustering 6 of the 30-Intel Phi Coprocessor HPC systems brings you just shy of the Top 500 supercomputer list in HPC performance!”

Cubix Corporation will be located at SC14 in booth no. 759 November 17-20, 2014.

Cubix Corporation is a veteran-owned, vertically integrated PC manufacturer based in Carson City, NV. Cubix is the pioneer of blade servers, and has been in business since 1975. For information concerning availability and pricing for this and other Cubix HPC solutions, contact Cubix at 800.829.0550, 775.888.1000, or




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