To Our Valued Customers,

As we all struggle to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, our main priorities are caring for the health and safety of the employees at Cubix, their families, and at the same time taking care of the needs of our customers.

As we take proactive actions throughout our line of Host Engines and Xpanders, we take extra care to sanitize our workplace as well as implementing work from home policies for employees where possible. Cubix management has also placed a hold on all business travel, instituting safe-distance practices, and canceled all upcoming events for now.

The entire Cubix team are ready to support you in the coming weeks and months, so please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for trusting Cubix with your business.


"The Cubix Resolve system will handle anything we have... I had high expectations for the system we planned on purchasing, and the Cubix System meets all those expectations."
Kyle Alvut
Digital Colorist - George Eastman Museum
"With the need for multiple resources at the same time (fiber channel, SDI monitoring) the Xpander gives us the opportunity to gain much more power for real-time graphic processing."
Alexandre Domingue
Owner - Post Moderne
" In the first month of 2011, we had already completed the same amount of work it took us all of 2010 to do. As a result, we can now bring in far more production work."
Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos
Owner - Delta Tracing SRL


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