Turn One PCIe Slot into 4, 6 or 8


Unlimited GPU Acceleration

Xpanders + graphics or GPU cards are the easiest and most affordable way to boost the compute power of any modern computer, effectively eliminating power and cooling issues associated with hardware accelerators like NVIDIA® or AMD® GPUs.

Xpander provides an independent life support system with its own power and cooling dedicated to the GPUs and hardware accelerators. It extends the PCIe bus to avoid taxing your existing cooling or power, and it won’t void your warranty.

Available in desktop and rackmount configurations.

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Tackle Any Workflow



Xpander Desktop models are an economical way to enhance the Input/Output power of any modern computer with an open PCIe x16 expansion slot. A hardware-specific solution, each Xpander Desktop expands one PCIe slot in your host computer to four. Use Xpander to add high-powered NVIDIA® graphics cards for HPC use or photorealistic 3D rendering. Desktop Elite Manual


  • Install hardware acceleration components in minutes
  • Four PCIe Gen2 / Gen 3 x16 expansion slots (x16 electrical) in each Xpander Desktop Elite
  • Up to four single-slot or dual-slot graphics cards such as NVIDIA GTX or Quadro Series graphics, NVIDIA Tesla Series GPU cards, or AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards
  • An independent 1200W, 1500W or 1600W power supply to meet any expansion requirement
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per desktop; just install a host interface controller and a device driver


Xpander Rackmount Elite is a 4U, 19″ rackmount PCIe slot expansion solution designed for broadcasting, digital cinema production and visualization projects that require maximum power and PCIe space with a small physical footprint and whisper-quiet operations. Xpander Rackmount Elite turns one PCIe x16 slot into six full-length PCIe slots for the ultimate graphics card array. Xpander Rackmount Elite Manual


  • Four PCIe Gen3 x16 expansion slots (128Gb data transfer speeds, depending upon part number) supporting dual-slot or single-slot cards, plus two PCIe Gen3 x8 slots (64Gbps data transfer speed, depending upon part number)
  • 4U, 19″ rack mount enclosure
  • A 1500W or 1600W independent power supply, and variable-speed. temperature-controlled cooling fans to meet almost any expansion requirement in environments ranging from IT Data centers to the most noise-sensitive digital production sets or post-production workstation offices
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per rackmount computer; install a HIC and drivers for devices you install in Xpander


The Xpander Rackmount 8 & 16 systems are external PCIe expansion chassis that can support one or two server connections with up to eight discrete dual-slot GPU cards, coprocessors, or PCIe-based flash caching cards (Intel®), giving you the ability to perform massive parallel calculations and provide extremely fast local storage / cashing without taxing your server. Xpander Rackmount 8 4U Manual Xpander Rackmount 8 5U Manual


  • 4U or 5U depending on desired configuration and I/O cards
  • Eight PCIe Gen 3 x16 expansion slots (all supporting both dual-slot or single-slot cards) per unit
  • Support for 1-2 servers per Rackmount 8 or 16
  • Two independent 1500W or 1600W power supplies and cooling fans to meet almost any expansion requirement (1 per Main Interface Board, or “MIB”)
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per rackmount computer; install HICs and drivers for devices you install in Xpander


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