GPUXpander View

The status for a particular GPU-Xpander can be viewed by selecting the GPU-Xpander model name in the tree. GPU-Xpander model names refer to the backplane circuit board used within the enclosure, and have the format "A0xxxx(n)" where "xxxx" is a 4-digit number identifying the backplane model, and the number (n) distinguishes among multiple backplanes within a GPU-Xpander enclosure. This window has tabbed selections at the top, with the default tab being "backplane".
GPUXpander View
This window displays identifying information for the GPU-Xpander hardware, followed by a list showing the slot configuration. The columns in the slot list are:


For GPU-Xpanders fitted with Fan monitoring and control, the state of all chassis fans is monitored, and failure of either fan causes a "FAULT" alarm to be generated. The Fan speed can be set to either "Auto" (fan speed is set automatically according to the temperature measured inside the GPU-Xpander chassis), or "Full On" which sets the fans to run Full Speed at all times.

Enclosure Name

The Enclosure Name is an optional text description that can be used to assign multiple GPU-Xpander backplanes to a larger enclosure. To create an enclosure name, type in any text description into the "Enclosure Name" box, and press the Enter key. To add the selected backplane into a particular named enclosure, select the enclosure name from the drop-down list.

Note: Enclosure configuration is not saved on program exit.