eMail Configuration

The Configuration Options Dialog is accessed from the main menu "Options" -> "Configuration".
GPUXpander Configuration
eMail configuration enables or disables eMail Messaging, and configures eMail SMTP server settings.

Enable notification of alerts by eMail

This option enables or disables all eMail. When disabled, all eMail messaging is turned off. To forward email to your cellphone or pager, see the next section.

Mail Settings

Mail Server (SMTP)

This is the configuration for your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Mail Server. These settings will typically be provided by your network administrator or Internet service provider.

Message Status

The Message Status area shows the results when using the "Test Message" button.

Test Message

The "Test Message" button verifies that email is configured correctly by attempting to send a simple text message to the eMail Recipient.