Alert Configuration

The Configuration Options Dialog is accessed from the main menu "Options" -> "Configuration".
Alert Configuration
Alert Configuration enables or disables the sending of alert messages, and lets you decide what events should trigger an alert.

Enable alerts

This option enables or disables all alerts. When disabled, all alerting is turned off. To send alerts to your cellphone or pager, see "Recipient eMail Address". Note: to send alerts via email, you must also enable email in the "eMail Configuration" dialog.

Message Consolidation

Message Consolidation avoids sending a large number of messages over a short time period, for example when a GPU is hovering around a critical temperature. If you select "Consolidate messages", then alert messages will be grouped together and sent either after a time period that you specify, or when the consolidated alert message has reached a size that you specify.

Regular Status Reports

Regular Status Reports lets you setup an alert report at regular time intervals, even when there are no alerts. With regular status reports, you know that GPUManager Console is still running and all CPUs/GPUs are being monitored.

Message Status

The Message Status area shows the results when using the "Test Alert" button.

Test Alert

The "Test Alert" button lets you check that alerting is working by attempting to send a simple text alert message.