Cubix GPU-Manager is software that provides management of GPU clusters in Cubix Xpander enclosures. The primary aims of GPU-Manager are asset management, health monitoring and technical support data of GPUs. GPU-Manager does not support PCI Express (PCIe) devices that are not GPUs.

  • Asset Management: GPU-Manager collects data from distributed GPU clusters into a central management console that lists the following:
    • all attached Xpander enclosures
    • the GPUs within each Xpander enlosure
    • GPU capabilities such as number of GPU cores, amount of RAM, etc.
    • operating system and software driver version numbers
  • Monitoring: GPU-Manager continuously monitors GPU clusters, and provides:
    • link status, number of lanes, and link speed for each enclosure
    • temperature, fan speed and GPU load characteristics for each GPU

GPUManager Installation

Installing GPUManager has two parts:
  • For each CPU host that is to be managed, install the software agent to that CPU. Select the appropriate software agent for the operating system in use on the CPU. See the Agent Installer section below.
  • The GPUManager management console is installed separately, either to the same machine, or to another machine on the network.

GPUManager Console Installer

GPUManager requires Java, which will be installed first if necessary.

Please Note:
In some cases, the application window will launch but is hidden behind the browser window. You will find the application by minimizing the browser window, or switching to the application window eg. via the task bar.

Click the "Launch" button below to check for required Java components and start GPUManager.

Agent for Windows Installer

The software agent for Windows is installed by running the setup utility cvagent.exe with Administrator privilege.

The agent for Windows setup program can be downloaded here.

Installation is documented here.

Agent for Linux Installer

The software agent for Red Hat / CentOS Linux is installed using the Red Hat Package Manager (rpm).
Other RPM-based Distros such as SUSE may work, but have not been tested.

The agent for Linux rpm file can be downloaded here.

Installation is documented here.

GPUManager Console for Windows Only

A Windows executable version of GPU Manager (no installer, for use when Java is already installed separately) can be downloaded here.

GPUManager Console as a JAR file

GPUManager.jar (no installer, for use when Java is already installed separately) can be downloaded here.
Example run command: java -jar GPUManager.jar

GPUManager Documentation

On-line documentation is available here.