Cubix Corporation

Founded in 1975 by former GE engineers Al Fiegehen and Don Lehr, Cubix Corporation continually strives to design, engineer, and manufacture COTS PC hardware systems which exceed traditional expectations of product design and quality. From pioneering blade server hardware systems 30 years ago to the current product lines of high-performance remote video processing and PCIe slot expansion solutions, Cubix continues to lead the industry with unique, thoughtful hardware solutions for a variety of markets including Media & Entertainment, financial trading floors, and public sector government and defense agencies.

Xpander is Cubix Corporation's answer to the need for external I/O connectivity in Media & Entertainment, as well as scientific research, oil & gas exploration, and medical imaging industries. Add 2-16 PCIe 16-channel slots to your current slot and power-limited PC or Apple® Mac Pro.

Use Cubix LaserCubes to overcome bandwidth constraints of traditional KVM extenders and achieve phenomenal remote performance across fiber-optic cable by placing real-time 3D graphics and other PCI Express (PCIe) adapters such as audio and USB 3.0 near users while locating computers a hundred or more meters away.

Cubix LaserBlades consolidate IT Data center resources with extremely high, space saving rack density components for data center centralization initiatives.

There is no languishing at Cubix. Out of a flurry of demands came the evolution of Cubix Accel-App Systems designed especially for BlackMagic Design® DaVinci Resolve 11. Cubix hits a home run again with their Cubix Accel-App Systems. Utilizing the Blackmagic Design Configuration Guide, which already recommends several of the ultra reliable Cubix PCIe slot expansion platforms, namely the Xpanders, the Accel-App Systems were designed and built to handle extreme color-grading. Each system is tested for performance and stability before it leaves the factory. Cubix not only hit a home run, but knocked it out of the ball park. The Accel-App Systems bring GPU acceleration to another level. This innovation grew out of customer demands. Cubix’s continues to lead the industry with thoughtful solutions, this time for Blackmagic design enthusiasts. And, stayed tuned. There are more system solutions coming down the pike.